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  • Breakfast Today: Everything But the Kitchen Sink Smoothie

    by Paula Gallagher | April 4, 2018

    everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-smoothieI just bought a new blender and I love it. It blends frozen fruits and veggies with no problem and makes them so creamy that I can hide almost anything it. I suggest that you invest in a very good blender, especially if have children who are picky eaters because you can hide so many things in a smoothie! This everything but the kitchen sink smoothie is called this because depending on what I have in the fridge, that's what is for breakfast. This is perfect for those raspberries and bananas that are too soft to pack for lunches, but you don't want to waste them. Read more

  • Breakfast Today: Tropical Green Smoothie

    by Paula Gallagher | February 7, 2018

    green-smoothieI love winter, but to be honest, I am ready for the warm weather. It has been an especially cold one around here and the sun has been hiding most days. Some mornings it seems particularly hard to get out of a cozy bed and get the day started. This smoothie has helped. It reminds me of those fun coconut drinks you get on vacations... but without the rum! Instead it is packed with nutritional goodness that will help me get through the next 6 weeks of winter. Added bonus: my kids love it too!

    Avocado and coconut oil contain healthy fats, and the banana makes it creamy and adds sweetness, plus it is a great source of potasium. Chia seeds contain omegas and protein. Read more

  • Breakfast Today: Protein-Packed Green Smoothie in a Bowl

    by Paula Gallagher | July 19, 2017

    smoothie-ingredientsWe live in a busy culture. And sometimes nutrition is put to the side because healthy food seems too difficult to achieve with on-the-go lifetstyles. This is where liquid nutrition, like smoothies, come into play. Our bodies crave healthy, delicious, beautiful food that provides fuel for a full day of work and play.

    This green smoothie bowl is sweet enough, thanks to the pineapple and banana, that even your kids will love it, even with all the spinach! The crunchy, high-protein granola makes a  great pre- or post-workout snack and can be packed in a small reusable container. This delicious and nutritious smoothie with granola makes a great lunch or snack, as well. Read more

  • Breakfast Today: Detox Smoothie

    by Paula Gallagher | May 9, 2017

    beet-smoothieSmoothies are a great way to start the day. Quick to make and easy to take with you, they are also a fantastic way to jam-pack nutrients into your body. Combining coconut water, kefir and beets with some fruit and mint, this superfood smoothie will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

    Coconut water is high in naturally occurring electrolytes, especially potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals are highly alkaline-forming, supporting the body’s proper pH balance and optimal metabolic function.

    Kefir offers a very tangy flavor to the shake. Read more

  • Breakfast Today: Green Smoothie With Basil

    by Paula Gallagher | June 14, 2016

    2016-06-14 09.26.42This past Mother's Day, my Mom gifted me this basket of herbs. Over the past month it has really flourished, particularly the basil. Basil is my all-time favorite herb. I use it in sandwiches, sprinkled over pasta, and to make pesto. Basil is packed vitamins A and K, manganese, copper, and folate. In addition, it’s teeming with disease-fighting antioxidants and flavonoids. Last week I stumbled onto a green smoothie recipe that uses avocados, spinach, cucumbers and basil. I tweaked the recipe a bit and it was GLORIOUS!

    This  green smoothie recipe is packed with antioxidants and makes a great post workout recovery meal, especially if you add a scoop of your favorite protein powder.

    2 cups spinach
    1/2 cup packed fresh basil
    1 small cucumber, chopped
    1 inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
    1 banana, peeled and roughly chopped
    2 cups plain almond milk (or any milk you prefer)
    1 cup plain Greek yogurt
    1 tbsp hemp hearts
    2 tsp honey Read more

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