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  • Welcome 2018! My New Year's Resolution

    by Paula Gallagher | January 2, 2018

    family-mealBy the time you read this, many Americans will have already defaulted on their New Year's resolutions and we are only into day 2! In our household, we don't typically make resolutions (well, not on New Year's anyway). We try not to wait until New Year's Eve to try something new. Each day that we wake up is a new day, a day to start over, make changes, and to be happy. You don't need to wait for tomorrow, a new year, Monday or Friday.

    However, this year I am making one. It is a simple idea but I know it will be challenging. Read more

  • Exercise Improves Test Scores in Children

    by Paula Gallagher | March 13, 2012

    Do you want your kids to get better grades? Make sure they are active!

    A new study in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise suggests exercising both the brain and the body can improve academic performance.

    They found children who participated in physical activity or academic exercises before a test performed better and completed the exams faster.

    Both children and adults should get an hour of physical activity per day. As parents/caregivers, we should be the example for our children and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

    Good grades aren’t the only reason to get moving. Providing kids with an opportunity to be physically active gives them an outlet to relieve stress, and can also help them with social skills, problem solving abilities, imagination and conflict resolution.

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